This $1 Secret Cannabis Penny Stock is becoming the IDEX of Cannabis!

This $1 Secret Cannabis Penny Stock is becoming the IDEX of Cannabis! Today we will be discussing ticker symbol ECGI. I believe this stock has massive …


  1. Hate to be a bear on SGMD but based on the SEC filings to release more shares showed their financials to bring in revenue of 3.5M but are in the hole over 12M from ecgi being new to the cannabis creating nug Avenue then selling it 3 days later for half a mil to SGMD… hope I’m wrong n hope it’s not just a pump n dump. I’ll keep it on my watchlist though n hope I’m wrong.

  2. Hello guys!!
    Sorry question ?
    I been researching AREC everything I found is positive, why the Stock is dipping 🤔?? You think is going up soon I'm adding more shares every time dips 😁

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  4. Let’s get $SAENF out there. Gonna run like SIRC. Excellent fundamentals. Only 55 cents!!!! Just signed a 60 million contract to build a 56 megawatt solar farm in Illinois!!!

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