this pan is $145? (Always Pan)

This Always pan is supposed to replace eight different pieces of equipment in your kitchen, but is it worth it? For this I Tried It So You Don’t Have To I review the …


  1. Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer, Chemex coffee makers, le Crueset Dutch oven. Those are cult favorites. Always Pan is something that trends for a week on Netflix and everyone forgets after the next drop.

  2. I have a cast iron, so I'm used to not being able to touch the pan without gloves, but the second you said it's not oven safe, the product lost me completely. How could it not be oven safe???

  3. Thank you for doing this! I always see the ads and was curious but I had NO IDEA it was $145. What bs.

    Also, random but does anyone else get weirdly annoyed by the way the creator of the pan, Shiza Shahid, says "pan"? Like she's saying the A that way to sound cool? It doesn't match the rest of her accent. It's irrational but it bugs me.

  4. I think the Always is geared for those who perhaps don't cook a ton of elaborate meals and have $150 to spend on a pretty pan… I was gifted one from a friend and I found after using it for 3 months there's patches that have lost their non-stick coating, even with proper care. It looks nice and was pretty rad for the first 3 months… but now its just like every other pan. * also some of their ads promote it as a weight loss tool because oil isn't necessary for non-stick purposes. Big boo to that*

  5. I've never heard of this. Also the fact that it is designed to go in the oven and stove top but you can't put it in the oven is a waste. There are better pans and pots out there that can do both for the same or less cost.

  6. From what ive seen in your video, if you're considering getting this pan just get a cast iron pan with a lid and do the five minutes of reading on how to care for it. You can put it in the oven in addition to everything this pan can do.

  7. dont think this pan seemed worth it either, but if ur gonna keep using it, seems like it’d b helpful to start using kitchen towels for holding on to different parts of the pan so u don’t burn urself!

  8. There are cast iron pan that work just as well— yes they are harder to clean and it’s best to oil then and all this maintenance stuff— but they are solid products that will basically last forever and they can go in and out of ovens. This product seems like a company using social media and o generate unwarranted hype for a product that basically is just yet another in a long line of perfectly adequate kitchen supplies. These companies kind of come across a little desperate.
    That’s just my take; which isn’t worth a lot because I haven’t used it. But I am a big cook and I know what I need to save space and meet my needs in the kitchen and I don’t see any reason to drop even as much as $120 on something like this

  9. what this pan is telling me, is just buy a wok. it's a ripoff of a wok. i didnt know that was a thing, but it is, so if you ever find yourself considering buying this, buy a sodding wok

  10. If your gonna spend 145 bucks on a pan save up to buy an All Clad or another professional chefs brand! It’s expensive but it’ll last you your life if you take care of them. My mom bought an All Clad Sauté Pan when I was like 4 and it’s still in perfect condition and she’s planning on passing it down to me. Pans and Chefs Knives are something you’ll want to invest in if you have the money and enjoy cooking cause in the long run you’ll save money not having to spend 100 bucks to replace everything when it breaks.

  11. Amanda, try using a kitchen towel for grabbing hot handles, the handle of the pan and the steamer. It'll give you a better grip and keep you from burning yourself. Also, boiling the water before the pasta goes in is the way to go. Great video!

  12. if you can and you do want to upgrade, i would check out costco for pans. i got a full set of circulon non-sticks that are absolute workhorses for about £200, which considering the price of this is great value, costco often have nice sets like that

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