This Week in Cannabis – Feb 15 to Feb 21 2021

Mid Week Update – I know this one is long but its packed with value so set to 1.5x if need be! The end also includes a portfolio …


  1. I'm glad to see the ongoing trend of states legalizing. However, what's disturbing is how some states are actively working to negate voter-approved marijuana legalization. As cited in the article, "Efforts to thwart voter-approved marijuana legalization in Mississippi, Montana and South Dakota are evidence of a “playbook” that reflects new legal strategies and greater willingness among local government officials to nullify election results, experts say.

  2. Dude beef up that US portfolio. I can't believe you didn't sell aphria on that big run. You could have bought Curaleaf or Trulieve or GTII or Columbia care or GRAM. You would have a much better ROI.

  3. Ya Jordan exit plans are important. I thought about doing the "pay off your trade" strategy (like the one you mentioned) but I am so bullish that decided to allow more risk.

    My exit strategy is based of catalyst. My plan for my Cannabis portfolio is to sell 30% upon passed legalization (SAFE, MORE, ect), then sell 30% upon companies uplisting to NYSE, and hold 40% for longer. According to were I am at now, I would already pay off my investment with some extra 💰…….

  4. I'm waiting–like millions of others–to see what Cannabis legislation passes in the coming weeks/months. For example, the passage of the MORE act will essentially remove the anchor of section 280e of the internal revenue code from around the neck of cannabis companies. The MSOs will be able to deduct many business expenses, and according to Seeking Alpha, "will increase after tax income for those companies already earning a profit by about 20%. It will also significantly increase free cash flow by about 20%." See U.S. Cannabis Companies Set to Soar–

  5. Thank you for pointing out the great details of the difference b/w LPs and MSOs as far as the growth. I can't wait for the MSOs Earnings. So, keep up with the great work Jordan.

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