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  1. I don’t think Canada is different regarding the race line. I went to a school with whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and it never mattered to us. We were just friends or we weren’t based on commonalities of interests, age, class (as in which school room we were in), etc.

  2. You guys seem tense. You ask for opinions on where wed like to see the channel go. First off I love how real you two are. I wouldn't change anything. Who care if u pause, your a reaction channel. I have heard the song, I'm here to hear what you have to say about it and have fun with you all. Secondly, take a little time to vibe out with your lady and relax and dont take it so serious. Just have fun! Everyone else comes along and watches is gonna have fun too and keep coming back. Dont let the stress of the grind get you all down man! Fuck the haters! You all do you! Love you all. Peace

  3. I’m curious where y’all grew up. Man these Democratic cities must really be racist. I never see it. I LIVE IN WV BTW. Stereotype area. Low key best place to live. You find a lot of good people

  4. Tom isn't either side, if he sees wrong/hypocrisy he is going to call out the Bullshit. The more views/reactions, the more his message gets out, the more eyes are washed free of the shit backsplash.

  5. Whoa , whoa wait. I was raised in yes America. How in the hell can you draw an assumption that a child sees skin color??? Hell when I'd race against my friends they weren't any color. They were my friends. Idgaf as to where your from children don't see color. My friends were black, Navajo, Mexican, & white. Some bullshit really to even make the assumption that Canadians are different than we are. #HOG.

  6. i am from Michigan, i never cared about race until it was taught. never new the difference until i was about 10. then others outside my family started me seeing differences. I have never care what color a person was. I argue with people my whole life that it is a waist of time and energy to discriminate, and you will lose out in someone who could be your best friend because of bias. i have brothers from all walks of life and religion. Treat everyone as you would like to be treated. best way to be in life.

  7. I agree it depends on where you grew up I went to an all black school in center point Alabama but I can honestly say for the time I was there which was 7th grade I didn’t experience racism at that school doesn’t mean it wasn’t different for everyone there on my first day 🤣 but I was included in everything like normal in gym they even tried to see if I had bars 😭 I didn’t lmao the reason when we moved a little bit down the street the staff actually told my mom to switch my schools because they didn’t feel like I would be ok going there I didn’t experience real racism until I went to a different school later that year do to moving and the ratio of different ethnic backgrounds was actually balanced mind you I attended a lot of schools from kindergarten to 8th grade 3 schools in Florida 3 schools in Alabama 4 schools in Tennessee and 2 schools in Georgia

  8. Tom speaks on all of it. He isn't right or left. I think he's somewhere in the middle. You can't put him (or anyone else) in a box. You're never going to agree with everything a party stands for.

  9. You’re the first reaction video I’ve seen where you realize what he was saying about the elites creating problems to save you from them! Like creating viruses, getting the media to push the scary narrative & then creating vaccines to sell… I mean “save you”. The deep state and big Pharma keep winning while everyone else suffers.

  10. I clicked on the video because I want to hear your reaction. Please feel free to react to every point. Don't worry about stopping to break down and share your point of view.

  11. Got $$$? "THEY'RE" already in process of LEAVING. Report last week that the military wants PRODUCTION FACILITIES ON THE MOON. Israel sent the HISTORY of this planet to the MOON. Oh really, AS IF ALL THE HISTORY has been written. Musk is serious about settin up shop on Mars. THEY'RE LEAVING WHAT THEY BELIEVE IS A TOILET WITHOUT FLUSHIN, BUT THEY'RE SURE GONNA WASH THEIR HANDS OF WHAT THEY DID WHILE THEY WERE TAKIN A SHIT! The earth isn't a trash can. But hey, those with an interest in those UFO things KNOW that the Nazis, at least, figured ANTI GRAVITY OUT! Recon the Admiral Bird and his trip to Antarctica story. Lots of interesting shit goin on down thar. We been sandbagged! The CON is WE PAY FOR "THEIR" TOYS while we get two cans and some string. Remember those things called Etch A Sketch? That's the kind of computers and SMART TECH we get. But we pay for their bangin shit we'll never see nor get. Bottom line, someone figured out how to get from Point A to Point B REAL FUCKIN FAST using NO GAS or DIESEL. They're flyin around all over the place, vids are all over YT for people to see how they're bein FUCKED by US Inc.

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