Top 7 BEST LED Grow Lights 2020 – NEWEST TECH!

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  1. I’m wondering why the biggest baddest light wasn’t mentioned… FOHSE Aries there is quite literally no other light better for a tent. 3.3umol/j is insane, 1,920 implies/s, and it’s even water proof.

  2. Yo, Allllll These lights are made in china. not sure what you mean by USA made, Crecer Is just a rebrand from china someone paid to have imported… the Gavita is made in china too…. Bottom line, Do not pay 700$ for a LED that comes from china, all you are paying for /IS/ customer service. Meijiu is a good brand Though, not all china alibaba brands are transparent and helpful.

  3. ALL chips degrade at roughly the SAME RATE…about 5% per year at 18hrs….so no matter how fancy the fixture is, it will only be a fancy fixture with 75% output after 5 years! This is what these manufacturers are not telling you! In fact the MIGRO guy proved this…and the best chips (Samsung) actually decayed the MOST…LOL! The board and drivers on these units only cost about 200$ (for both)….so you're paying all that dough for a fixture that will be no more than a fixture with 75% output after 5 years!

  4. How about best budget light for 4×4 for 2 months of veg before going outdoors. Minimum light par usage for optimal growth, without lack of light. I'd say 200 watts true watts blue spectrum. Like a 8 bulb floeresant grow fixture. 25 watts a bulb

  5. I can pull up to 18 ounces ( strain depending) with a 600 w hps over a 4×4 table. Starting fresh after a years break and wondering if leds can perform like this. Thank you

  6. Need HELP!
    I want to grow max two weed plants in my grow tent. I can spend max 600 USD for grow light. which one you will recommend? Sorry for my English. Hope someone will help me. Thank you for great video.

  7. Those prices are scary – $1000 ? What am I supposed to grow there instead of drugs ?
    I want to simply grow herbs all year and not going to spent so much money.
    Anything worth buying for $100 at most.
    Besides, what's the REAL difference between ccfl and these leds ? Are they really better ? When I see ccfls (or whatever they are called), the light can even make me blind and these leds…? Hmmm, you say they are made in usa ? I guest…..not. It's still manufactured in China for $0.01 per unit but everything connected in US, and that's why we pay $1000 for a product worth….$50 !

  8. Thanks for the explains, dude. but could you elaborate on Chinese LED grow light somehow, for instance, Medicgrow, branded of SunGrow LED. Kingbright, Sinowell, etc. They're pretty good at pricing, and light-emitting heard from my vendor's friend. but I prefer to hear from other's consensus

  9. HLG is trash. If you wanna risk receiving USED stuff that they are trying to pass off as new, then go for it. Otherwise, avoid the Horticulture Lighting Group like the overpriced, shitty service company that it is.

  10. ChilLED Tech is hands down the best of the bunch. One of the many reasons is ergonomics and how easy it is to upgrade the fixture you buy, well, almost any fixture you buy from them. IF you buy the X2-300 because of your budget. You can later add another bar, its very easy, and you'll now have the X3-330 watt fixture. If you have an X3-330 and upgrade the driver, you now have the 500 watt version with 3×5 coverage. If one of the bars fail, you do not have to take your entire light off line either. Just send in the bar thats bad for repair or replacement. Customer service is incredible the warranty could be better on the DIY kits but they handle those on a case by case basis. The Commercial version has a 3 year warranty but costs a lot more. The par readings are phenomenal as you can see and only get better as you go up in models…

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