Trimming the bottom 1/3 of Your Plants

Trimming the bottom 1/3 of Your Plants Check out our Membership Program – …


  1. Your an idiot mate you don’t clip nothing off your plants especially when outdoor the light from the sun is well equipped to give every part of the plant energy to head don’t listen to this guy I’ve worked in nursery’s for over 20 years and grown weed for about the same time there is no benefit from clipping stuff off plants unless leaves are dying

  2. Sorry I had to unsubscribe to you because Every time I'd watch you were asking for money, to join. to me these sites are to help people who are having hard times , and having problems. Not to take advantage of them when you decide that you'll think about the people and not your pockets, let me know! I know you say it takes time, But it takes time out of my life to watch your video's so it's a win-win situation .

  3. In a world of You Tube there is a lot of BS channels that don’t address problems in the garden. It’s a pleasure to find one worth following that does just that. Great source of problem solving info compared to others. Even an old man doing this a long time can learn new tricks . Thanks for the tips. 😎

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