Two-Pot Vs. Four-Pot Hydraulic Disc Brakes | What’s The Difference?

Two Piston brakes, four piston brakes; what exactly is the difference? What are they for? Are 4-pistons overkill? To find out, Neil and Blake headed into the …


  1. The shooting and editing quality is excellent, but I am afraid that at least some parts were shot in 25FPS and then converted to 24FPS
    (which is the vid speed here on YT), as I can clearly notice a single frame being dropped every second during some panning shots. Would be superb if you converted to 30FPS maybe, or shot in the same framerate as the intended vid rate.

  2. 14 minute video comparing two and four pot brakes and not one mention of modulation. Don’t waste your time. These two guys think all this is necessary to simple say four is more powerful than two. Clickbait. These two are novices. Modulation is the most important advantage of a brake caliper that is twice the size. Two pot brakes is like having a six speed drivetrain while four pots is like having 12 speeds. In addition, while your bike travels down the hill in mostly a straight line, your wheels are constantly changing speeds due to bumps. Four pot brakes allow wheel speed to fluctuate more easily translating into a smoother, safer ride with more traction.

  3. 4 pot calipers have a greater clamped pad area, so you get more braking effort than a 2 pot for the same lever pressure, or the same braking with less lever pressure, the big benefit of 4 pots however is modulation, they have far better sensitivity when scrubbing speed off or holding a descent speed as the heat builds up.

  4. Ultimate team these two haha…so I just switched out my front 2pot Juicy 5 sl (160mm) for a 4pot Code-R (180mm) and noticed no difference except a smoother lever feel with the same power…like why? Lol I wanted more, expected more…maybe it's my brain or i need to find a steeper hill and get a feel for them…

  5. I have 2 pistons 180 front and 160 rear. I have definitely experienced rear brake fade while riding in Northern CA. Since my pads are nearly gone, my bro gifted me a set of beautiful SLX 4 piston brakes with icetec freeza rotors. The rear will be upgraded to a 180mm rotor since I do ride a few long descents where braking is a bit more 50/50 vs 70/30.

  6. For those who are still on mechanical or v brakes, to be honest i am still using mechanicals cause i cant afford hydraulic brakes .im just saying, as long as we can use it in good conditions I say we ride it as much as we can . Cause the most important thing in riding bikes is that we are enjoying the way we use the bike. Its not all about the gear its also about the fun.heehehe just saying. Watched cuz im bored of quarantine

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