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  1. I can 300% agree with danny, even if i pick it back up after years clean its nothing like the fkrst week was. I remember my first time i actually passed out and stood up, turned arround slapped my sitting body and told me to wake up then woke up and began full scale tripping balls.

  2. Why tf would Kyle get a card for it?he won’t be able to own guns. Also Washington is the best. Walk in and get any percentage you want and walk out. Don’t need some stupid card.

  3. That Danny guy reminds me of the kid in school where his older brother used to lie to him all the time and he in turn told us all his brothers lies as if it happened to him

  4. Don’t think that guys even slightly right about the mould situation I’ve grown a lot my self without perfect conditions and not got mould pretty sure we haven’t been getting sold mould weed our whole lives

  5. 5:10 There's actually a Finnish meme phrase, which goes "Jo ensimmäisen kannabispiikki voi tappaa", even your first syringe of cannabis may kill you. This might be a quote from a Finnish minister, but the actual source of the phrase is unknown.

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  7. 5:00 everyone has a different reaction. I hallucinated a bit. Saw some bridges and random people in my thoughts. Not laced. And I know this because I had it grown from a friend. It was good shit.
    Nowadays I wish I had those experiences because there was nothing like it.

  8. I´m from germany and it´s crazy here. You can buy CBD but not in a form that is specialized to be ingested, that´s illegal, despite it being not psychoactive; i mean companies still sell "technically indigestible body oils" and stuff. Also you could buy 0,2%THC with a lot of CBD-weed, but you can´t smoke it, but you are allowed to use it as incense.
    It´s so fucking stupid.
    My favourite law regarding that: Weed is medically legal in germany, but there are no companies growing it in Germany. Why? It´s legal, but one of the must fulfill prerequisites to get a permit is having successfully grown weed in germany before. It´s a perfect vicious circle, incredibly stupid. By the by if you go "I´ve successfully grown weed in germany before" they just lock you up. I´m pretty sure it´s stupid on purpose and another way for our government to seem progressive etc. to the general public while actually still fighting a war on drugs.

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