What Effect Would Decriminalization of Cannabis have on DUI Law?

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  2. ]).:.([ – No Laws At All –

    The strong pillage the weak
    Like the rich do the poor
    Unhappy with a plenty
    They keep scheming for more

    Oh but I've got this cure
    That's wicked and raw
    The same rules for any
    Or no laws at all

    The same laws for all
    Or no rules for any
    Accounts will be taken
    For the fat robbing skinny
    Where standard's so high
    Brings doom to the fall
    The same rules for any
    Or no laws at all

    No it isn't kept hidden
    How they lie and can cheat
    Always hungry for war
    Having no part for peace

    Kilt our sons and daughters
    Behind their safe wall
    Never held to account for
    Any law none at all

    The same rules for all
    Or be no law for me
    Unfairness is breaking
    This home we call free
    No standard too low
    They just don't fear the fall
    Same rules for the richie
    Or no laws at all

    For them thinking we're slaves
    Oh now it's wicked it's raw
    Where there no justice is
    No Laws At All

    – Thank you and Elvis has done exited the building —> . Ω .

  3. I think the real world test of the NHTSA isn't accurate too many variables They should conduct a test in a lab setting say with a simulator that would test reaction times , accident avoidance etc with the same person one time under the influence of THC and one time sober. I hear ppl say they are more careful when they drive high which could account for less risk of accidents . But your driving could still be impaired , and one is just compensating by being more careful…

  4. I am treated every 28 days by my Pain Management Dr. The DEA requires him to do UA's on all patients every 3 months.
    However my Dr. said if he dropped every patient that had THC in their drop , he wouldn't have anymore patients. Wake and bake🙃

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