When does BRAIN FOG go away after quitting weed??

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  1. I smoke this strong cannabis called granddaddy also called Mimosa the next day I woke up with extreme brain fog headaches confusion fatigue for about 2 months just want to double make sure that that possibly led to it?

  2. Damn. I was smoking a half to myself in about 5 to 6 days. Reupping and continuously smoking the same amount for about 3 years.

    It's been 2 months and I'm still "lost in my head" aka brain fog.

  3. What about dissociation. I smoked daily for 1.5 years and i’m 18 days sober, but I still feel very disconnected with reality and the outside world. Is this part of regular brain fog or something different as it was a result of multiple panic attacks while high during that year.

  4. Appreciate you very much, thought I was going crazy and losing it but i slowed down from all day everyday to jus nightly nd now not at all, good lucc to the rest of yall,

  5. I am now in the third week of brain fog but I am really feeling a little bit healing and normality soo your Video is really very interesting thanks soo I don't know mybe I need another three week of brain fog, it is the first time I experiencing this.
    I will never do this again and never play with my body, I have been consistently smoking to much in the last 6 months.

  6. I’m so thankful to you for the videos you make! You seriously helped me stay sober all of November and I always turn to your vids when I lose hope of feeling better and need reassurance. I feel better then I did a month ago but I’m still not there yet, and I’ve accepted that I’m on a journey to getting to my sober self. So thank you!

  7. I been weed free for 4 1/2 months and I have brain fog, I feel clumsy, off balance. I feel normal here and there but most of the time I have brain fog. I smoked wax carts for 4 months

  8. Hey I only smoked weed for two days and got super high the first time I was shaking really bad then I smoked weed again the next day and got high but I wasn’t shaking and then two days later I have brain fog and this has been going on for 5 days now so how long do you think entill my brain fog will end?

  9. I’ve smoked since 13 and I’m 15 now. I smoked like everyday almost, and sometimes even a few times a day. I don’t even know if it’s brain fog anymore, I don’t have thoughts. I’m literally empty, I don’t know how to express my words when I’m conversating. And keeping a conversating it’s extremely hard to keep the convo going because I don’t have thoughts. I feel like my brain is fried. I haven’t smoked in almost a month and this shit hasent gotten any better. I know it takes time but I’ve gotten depressed worrying about this, it’s like my whole life is messed up now. I don’t wanna be stupid my whole life now

  10. He’s right ! The only and best thing you can do is ACCEPT IT stop sobbing that you don’t feel normal WE KNOE WE FEEL IT Too deal with it it last months to a year in some people u wanted to smoke? Now u wannna quit deal with it much love ☺️

  11. Think this could apply to alcohol as well, I was drinking a lot over 2 months, and I feel dull and brain fog, also a lot of ringing in my ears and head pressure. 3 months sober and not 100%, but I am better than the first month. Just want the fog to clear

  12. So bro I smoked carts for the first two months and then switched to the rig for two months which I smoked heavy for four months and I’ve been sober for the passed two months waiting to feel normal again how long do you think it’ll take for me to feel normal?

  13. A huge way to increase mental clarity (either when stopping smoking or while continuing the habit) is to get enough carbohydrates. There is so much misinformation on the topic of sugar and carbohydrates on the internet and in society in general today. Your brain runs solely on SUGAR, and every cell in the human body runs on SUGAR, or ATP derived from glucose. I have been focusing on getting enough carbohydrates in my diet for the past 3 years, and just recently I've been nailing it and have been having ZERO negative emotional episodes that cause me to smoke when it's not the right time. Watch some videos from Durianrider, he has given me life changing advice on diet, life perspective, and personal growth. Intake of carbs can turn a moment that is frustrating and out of control into a controlled, careful, stoic moment by changing your hormones INSTANTLY. The human bodies' hormones go into survival mode when it does not have the energy it needs to continue working. Or when it can't create the energy it needs out of fat storage or protein fast enough. Durianrider. Look him up and watch his videos.

  14. Maybe the way to defog is the same way you detox the THC out of body fat before a drug test:
    1. Drink LOTS of water during the day
    2. Watch your breathing – make sure you are breathing properly & are not a shallow breather
    3. Eat a high protein diet – ZERO fat. Avoid carbs. I only ate canned chicken, canned tuna, & fresh veggies
    4. Do some aerobics to reduce body fat

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