Why do our bodies age? – Monica Menesini

Human bodies aren’t built for extreme aging: our capacity is set at about 90 years. But what does aging really mean, and how does it counteract the body’s efforts …


  1. I thought the video was going to tell us why we age in the sense of "what's the need for that?" After all, if evolution has made us like that, it is because it must have some function, right? Anyway, I probably didn't "discover" this, but recently I understood this reason, which is actually quite simple. Living beings are programmed to age after reproduction, because after that they have already given all the help they could in the process of evolution of their species. Then, from that point on, they would only hinder their species by occupying the space of other individuals who could add a new contribution to evolution. And when I say “contribution to evolution” I mean only the fact of reproducing and being selected by the environment (not necessarily in that order) Okay, in know that sounds kinda obvious, but I don't remember hearing anyone talk about it.
    In other words, people get older, because after reproduction, they just delay evolution for staying alive . I know it sounds rude to the elderly (maybe that's why nobody comments on it). But I believe I have a "talking place here" because I'm a old person myself ^^"

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  3. If you compare young people and old people you need to compare within the same exercise level and variety. So if young children run around like crazy climb trees roll and tumble scream tickle each other and fight, the old ones need to do the same continuously for 1.5 years, because muscles adapt in 1.5 month but tendons adapt with time constant 6 months. Only then you can truly evaluate.

  4. I anti-age my face using sandpaper microdermabrasion. It works. Instead of expensive therapies, I tear off a #120 grit paper, disinfect it from both sides with alcohol sanitizer, then LIGHTLY run over each place once in 3 different directions (3 runs in total). In the worst case it should cause a slight reddening. And should be done only once a week. It removes wrinkles and makes the skin thicker and healthier and I also remember checking some scientific studies which show that it actually works.

  5. i think… my own opinion..

    when we are stop growing. our cells stops multipying. so from age 21 our cells are expose to those things they called FREE RADICALS. exposing from it for likely 20 years our cells start to detoriate. start to getting weak. and cause of that we getting old. and years passed we start to get sick. we can get cancer. heart burn hard to breath. cause our cells are not functioning well. so FREE RADICALS are reason why we get old. and we cant avoid those. but there is a way how to take care of your cells. by taking USANA CELLSENTIALS. it is a antioxidant and multivitamins. i am 33 now and i was hoping i could go back from my 20's and start taking USANA MULTI-VITAMINS.

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