Woman fails drug test after using CBD

Woman fails drug test after using CBD.


  1. Careful if you work for a "At-Will State" (like NC or VA)…..you can forget about getting a lawyer if you test positive. If you fail a drug test…and you've used CBD….then that employer has the right to terminate you…for THAT reason…OR ANY reason at all.

  2. I failed a random drug test and was fired from my job of 11 years. Nobody cares and nobody will listen to me. I was taking CBD and it has been legalized in the state of Texas. I guess none of that matters. Land of the free.

  3. they're trying to scare people out of THC the THC cures and helps with cancer see if video alone does not I rather have a little bit of something that helps with combating cancer than something that you just alone cures aches and pains don't believe the hype THC has to be the binder

  4. CBD just alone doesn't cut it it needs the THC whatever legal amount it is right now it is important THC combats cancer just CBD doesn't so why would you take it out you need that small amount to be there as a security so it is not easy for cancer to thrive if it's legal it's legal we the people in stop being scared it is a holy medicine Fight For Your Right knowledge is power

  5. When will this stupid fucking country wise up to marijuana/hemp and stop this cycle of bullshit. Honest, hardworking Americans trying to ease the tension that life can bring naturally.. not drinking and doing drugs. So they turn to the flower for relief.

  6. This is sad for so many people and their families with losing their jobs or prevented to get a job over a legal substance. Due to my ongoing surgeries to my right foot, I am precribed some very powerful pain meds. I want to come off pills and several people said try CBD oil as it can not be detected as I get drug tested often. If anything not precribed in my system , I get released from my doctors. It is damn if I do , damn if I don't. Anyways I thought it was to new when the people said it can not be detected so I did not even attempt to use it.

    But I am retired now but still get drugged tested. But for those who use it where they get random drug test which is most places or those seeking work that they drug test, this could lose alot of money needed for their families so this is sad news. Who can see soon the unemployment percentage going up on a rise Nation wide.

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