Are Scientists Giving Rats CBD To Cure Alzheimer's?

Could rats high on marijuana have found the cure to Alzheimer’s disease? Subscribe for more clips like this: …


  1. Cannabis is a miracle drug. Started using daily at 58 for chronic pain. As a UPS driver I could barely walk as both feet had major surgery. Now retired at 61 I can smoke daily and sure beats taking opiates the rest of my life

  2. Some years ago researchers noticed one particular demographic absent from Alzheimer's patients, cannabis users. Other studies have shown cannabis to be far more effective in slowing the progression of Alzheimer's than current available Pharmaceuticals. It's nice to see further research being done. I can appreciate science's efforts to gain insight on how each cannabinoid, flavonoid and turpenoid, the medicinal properties of cannabis, function within the body as a therapeutic and/or protectant. The mistake being made is the failure to realize/accept the Entourage effect, how each compound works synergistically, offering a greater level of therapeutic or protectant capability. Years are being wasted testing one property for one disease at a time. Research should take a lesson from cannabis and synergistically study each of the cannabis compound's effect on each disease, along with the various combinations of compounds within cannabis. That would enable us to determine precisely which strain is best for which disease or ailment. Trying to use just one cannabinoid as a complete therapeutic is a mistake created by the failure to understand or accept the Entourage effect which is the natural synergy and how cannabis Works each compound working with other compounds for a more complete therapeutic capability.

  3. Funny the diff between THC & CBD, cuz check out an old YT vid on Cannabis Forgetting talk given by author Michael Pollan. Uh, i forget, but he may've written In Defense of Food?

  4. Hey Thom, the term is "Cannabis". the "M" word is the derogatory which politicians and police demonized this beautiful natural plant. Also, CBD can be ingested with out THC but there are studies (again that haven't been studied enough yet) that have found that THC and CBD when taken together "do the body good", better then when only CBD's taken alone. I have a friend who's cancer went into remission using products I have been producing for as long as my state has legalized it…2001.

  5. CBD works great. You can feel a difference after using it even when you don't really need it.
    It helps you think clearly as well.
    And its good for dogs and cats . My cat is19 years old, and after giving him only a few doses, he has more energy and he's in a much better mood.

    But in Canada a doctor is doing research on the idea Cannabis may prevent COVID with all the different cannabinoids, of which they have not even discovered them all yet.

  6. I read a lab study showing neurogenesis under very high doses of thc years ago. It would definitely need to be coupled to high doses of vitamin b12 due to the adverse neurological effects of constant high doses of thc.

  7. If they would get the heavy metals out of their teeth and get intro-venious chelation then they wouldn't have alztheimers mad hatters syndrome. People with alztheimers need to get really giggle high on that particular strain of marijuana. So do I. lol

  8. My nephew who is now 17 has ADHD and was taking pills for it. I could not stand being around him because he could not do one thing at a time, he was constantly being distracting. I got my Texas HEMP producer CBD license last year and by October my CBD was ready to harvest. After drying and curing the CBD, I told my nephew to stop using the pills and start smoking CBD. Within a month I noticed a big difference, he was no longer distracting and you could tell him to do something and he does it. When he would talk he sounded all delusional, but not any more it went away, now you can have a descent conversation with him. He is now helping me with my new harvest and I am so proud of him. The CBD made a huge difference in his life.

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  10. Think how many things we could cure, things we can build with cannabis. No more dangerous drugs from big pharma or have to be fully dependent on petroleum based products… cannabis can cure both of these problems.

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