Best Cannabis Stocks To Buy 2021 | SNDL Penny Stock Chart Analysis | SUNDIAL Stock News Update

Is SNDL one of the Best Cannabis Stocks To Buy 2021?? In this video i will go over the chart of the cannabis stocks SNDL as well as other great looking stock …


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  2. Earnings report on the 17th of this month. (March 2021). Good news would be bullish for sure. If it pumps, I might take some profit. Buy the rumor, sell the fact type of thing might happen. I'll be watching

  3. Not related to SNDL I'm trying to understand the chart for MCFE . 20 day chart shows 2 gap ups with with no corresponding vol. then moves sideways each time. Today a short burst of vol. but no price action.

  4. Great vid as always.
    Have SNDL, wish I could have bought more around $1.
    Positive $ on the position.
    Medium/ Long

    NAT….. (shudder)
    Bag holding on that one!
    Dividends are nice.
    Kinda like having money you can't touch in the bank.
    That's what I keep telling myself anyways!
    DON'T ruin my delusions!!!!

  5. Recently heard about a company called SolarWindow Technologies (WNDW) where they’re developing an organic coating that acts the same as a solar panel, some super interesting stuff. Just thought I’d throw it out there

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