Brain Tumor and Hemp Oil of Rick Simpson- Lucie Calls into Paula Gloria

Learn how hemp oil affects a brain tumor and despite the difficulty for cancer patients to get the oil generous …


  1. Seems its been a while since this thread. Was your brain cancer Glioblastoma? I want to know what type you had, as I want to make sure the oil could handle this brain cancer type… Thanks so much if anyone has info.

  2. In CAlifornia and on RSO 2 weeks. I make suppositories to tolerate. Already out of back pain, cirrhosis some cysts will follow up but i know it is cured, it works. Buy at dispensary, so $50 a gram. Still studying this. Thank you.

  3. Addressing Michael Mann's comment, the many names of cannabis can be confusing especially with the attempts at brainwashing the public since the 1930's.  Cannabis has become known as "hemp" and "marijuana" (as well as other colloquialisms).  And to parse it further, "marijuana" is not cannabis at all but a species of Mexican tobacco.  The term was first applied to cannabis by Harry Anslinger, the first drug czar back in the 30's.  At that time, hemp was very well known as an industrial product. In order to push his legislation to criminalize cannabis, Anslinger used the term "marijuana" in order to conceal the fact that hemp, along with cannabis, would also be lumped into the legislation for prohibition.  And the campaign to defame cannabis took many sleazy and deceptive routes, the most famous being the propaganda film "Reefer Madness".  And, amazingly, the brainwashing and voodoo science that started in the 30's has maintained a strong influence on the minds of many of the general public to this day.  So much so that millions of lives have been lost due to the prevention of using cannabis as an effective medicine.

  4. It's not Hemp Oil – Hemp Oil only has less than 1% THC and available everywhere.  Rick Simpson Oil is Cannabis Oil – typically 50% THC and 50% CBD. You must have THC to cure cancer. Cannabis Oil is only available four states. It is illegal everywhere else.

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  9. Okay, now how many people here are all casual users, raving about the medical benefits in order to justify getting high? Let's see a show of hands. I have been ranting against marijuana for ten years online, writing tons of blogs, even a BOOK on why we shouldn't smoke pot. I have always said that I'm not opposed to medical marijuana, that is a totally different issue. Which is why I have been trying for over a year to write an article on this. But I have yet to find a decent person to interview.


  11. Yes, follow the money. You can't patent a plant so, powerful pharmaceutical corporations lobby governments to keep it illegal as this amazing cure would cut into their profits big time. They know that it works and have tried to synthesize it but to no avail. The plant works best in it's natural state.
    Western medicine is basically only good for emergencies. Synthetic drugs are what big pharma teaches doctors to prescribe pills which cure nothing but only mask symptoms and cause other problems.

  12. Probably me. Religion is man made just like big pharma is, with fear& the contortion of the facts for profit. Everything else is divine intervention. I can't make anything alive out of thin air. I quoted the bible for 3 reasons.1. to shut the Religious profiteers up who use it to condemn us. 2, Every person convicted of marijuana or hemp oil possession is judged after being forced to swear on the Bible. Ironically the Bible has no problem with folks using herbs for good for free, 3.Education. <3

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