Challenging Anorexia FOOD RULES and Overcoming Night-Time BINGES (ED Recovery Q&A)

0:00 Introduction 3:58 How did I discover how much I need to eat in a day? 6:33 Once I started ‘real recovery’, how long did it take me to reach a healthy weight?


  1. How did you make your meal plan? I'm a bit struggling to make one…
    Also how to follow a meal plan?

    Also I'm snacking on apple and tea with honey 😄❤

  2. Thanks for this vid! how did you develop your meal plan?? I find some days in recovery i am starving no matter what i eat, then some days i am not hungry at all and can't eat.

    oh and we are snacking on a strawberry parfait and a latte 🙂

  3. My doctor told me that I’m already at a healthy BMI however I don’t have my period back and also I still have food rules and not mentally fully recovered..I started 100% commiting from 2 days ago and I am so scared that I will gain too much weight because I’m already pretty large…Any advice?:)Thank u for this vid btw!

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