Dangers Of Growing Marijuana In Your House

This video shows some of the things that happens when people grow marijuana in their house.


  1. You put the same chemical on weed that you do on your garden the only environmental effect you get is the electronic but you can use solar power to reduce those effects I do agree with everything else but most of this story is bullshit if you take care of your area you don't have to worry about fire

  2. This is the news trying to freak people out, there is not that much danger in growing and it doesnt take chemicals to grow good weed, just a little time, just like growing any other plant

  3. Playing the Children card. Stupid religion has done more damage to "CHILDREN" than anything else.When only "Some commercial outfit" can grow it, you must smoke weed that comes from unknown sources that are known to put stuff in their weed. Like the same thing is put into the nutrient solutions that are used in the Flower Industry to make ROSES have tighter flowers. AND when the time comes to flushing the plants before harvest, they might not even do that! (organically grown weed may not need flushing, but I would do it anyway, it cant hurt). EVERYONE should grow weed for their own peace of mind, if nothing else. Then Hydroponic stores would flourish, and that would help the economy, not corrupt politicians in a election process that is corrupt also.

  4. yup it's like if every weed grower is gonna have a shotgun laying around for a five year old to play with really do these new reporters hear what they are saying second they trip weed is being grown next to children well the truth is there is no city out in the world that is populated with no children weed is grown nearly everywhere back in my high school there was an abandoned house that was turned into a growing room for nearly a decade until some teens busted into that house then the cops raided but I mean to avoid it is nearly inevitable

  5. Children are growing up in households and neighborhoods where people drink Alcohol too.Β  Not to mention home brewing.Β  Keep you grow clean and simple

  6. If someone has kids and is growing weed in that same house, and allows their children to be exposed to weed, thats their problem for not being a good parent. These dick heads don't even know what their talking about, you can get mold in the house without growing weed. Instead they should do documentaries as to why we have carcinogens such as fluoride & chlorine in our drinking water, fucking pricks heads.

  7. It's always funny when new reports go "The parents left their marijuana on the table… Their 5 years old child, Jimmy, soon ingested some while they were sleeping." I'm going "WOWWW did he die though omg ????"

  8. Soon this documentary will look extremely stupid, it's already happening now with legalization happening everywhere.

    You guys should take a moment to research Portugal 's decriminalization of drugs 12 years ago, the results are amazing. I'm convinced more than ever that the war on drugs is a big joke.

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