Growing Cannabis-Mini Documentary – Episode 7

This documentary depicts the cultivation of a medical Cannabis strain named Bubble Bomb by Bomb Seeds. Bubble Bomb is a cross between a strain named …


  1. hi Bud,what is the best between watering one time every day or drowning it once a week? and i hope to see your harvest step cause , i will harverst in similar date ^^ P.S srry my bad english

  2. Is the yield going to be the same with you shaping the plant like this?? I have 7 growing right now that I've been using you videos for. Mine are nearly the same but I dont know if I should be watering more often or the actual amount they should have at what stage. Another thing is the light. I know mine aren't near the quality of yours so that could also have something to do with it.

  3. Thank you for sharing your knowledge man. Love your videos and how you explain things. Have a good wknd man. I may need that trimmer to shave my nuts too lol. Good looks.

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