Hemp Oil Webinar with Dr. Shade

In conjunction with SopMed, Dr. Shade explains the use of Hemp Oil from a scientific and clinical perspective.


  1. One of the best concise yet biochemical explanations on how the endocannabinoid system works as well as clearing up the THC and % CBD myths. You are a very clever man Dr shade and have been promoted the ninja status in my world which is my favourite scientist . But on a serious note your delivery system is superb and you deserve more recognition as it’s life changing for some people getting the correct dose of alkaloids. Glad I found you and proud to be a QS practitioner.

  2. I wanted to mention that this is the single best thing that I've used to treat my TBI and it literally was insane in the membrane type stuff for me. The only problem is I am completely reliant on this stuff for sleep now, I cannot sleep without it and get good rest. I just ran out and its been agony. I had such horrible symptoms for awhile including shaky hands, anxiety, memory problems, sensitivity to sound, inability to handle stress, etc.

    The weirdest thing that I experienced with it at first was I could feel all of the area's damaged in my brain. It like made the nerves tingle and the end of the nerves kind of stung at first, but got numbed over time…eventually this symptom went away completely. I feel like this stuff literally healed my brain.

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