How To Get The Best CBD Hemp Oil: STEP 1

HOW TO FIND THE BEST CBD OIL: STEP 1 // In this video, I walk you through STEP 1 of how to find the BEST CBD oil – how to make sure your CBD Oil isn’t …


  1. Hello. I feel the "high" is the medicine. I am looking for an oil, to vape, that does have the full effect of smoking marijuana. Q: Are you in Florida? What terms/titles/abbreviations should I look for in oils online that will let me know which will do the trick? I've heard of terpenes, but I also heard it's just taste no affect. CBD, from what you said, has to be consumed in large amounts for the "high".

  2. After trying several different companies, on advice from a friend I settled on one that is well known for being used by the MMA and supposedly organic, they also use turmeric as one of their ingredients. Several weeks ago that friend developed a fever and swollen nodules under his tongue and swollen glands, he’s been on two rounds of antibiotics. Last week I happened to develop swelling to the right side of my face, fever and severe cold chills, pain and inflammation in my muscles and joints. We hadn’t been in physical contact for several months but developed the same mysterious symptoms. We are no longer using that CBD, and for me the search goes on for a good reliable product

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