How to grow weed in tiny stealth grow box – Episode 2 – Defoliation & Training

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  1. tips: It is not necessary to remove the dying or damaged leaves because the plant knows it and transmits the energy of the damaged leaves to the rest of the plant, so it is best to let the plant manage until the leaves fall off by themselves.

  2. Look up “air layering”

    You can actually root the unwanted branches… for 3 weeks .. on the mama…

    And then when you cut the branche off below the little root pod…@ you end up with a complete new plant😊

  3. @SuperGreenLab  where did you purchase the lm301b from and do you have red in your lights like 660 nm and 770nm also what type of driver are you using meanwell?

  4. Hello buddy. I haven't grown since the 90s. I'm so out of touch. Just learned you use LED lights now. Blowing my brain. Lol.
    Just wounding about best set up now days. Only want a small grow for personal use. (pain relief) But have it growing for long term.
    Would you have any key advice for me on set ups and equipment ext.
    I live in UK our laws are crap for people like me but hopefully it will change soon.
    I would be so grateful for any help.

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