1. hey nay, jw but do u trim while wet or wait until dry? i have heard different arguements from both side but not sure, doing my first grow this year and trying to come out with the best possible cannabis. check out my vids if u have a minute. any advice would help

  2. thanks nay, just a random question to anyone, my first year growing outside, i took seeds from kush, and germinated them and put them outside, is that generally and indoor strain. and hard to grow outside?, in the last few days my plants started showing sex, i feel that its a little bit late for central ontrario, any tips?

  3. Thanks for the ifo man, it really helps seieing it actually done, i havent started yet but when i do id say about 75% of the info i use is directly from you man, peace pot 4/20 24/7!

  4. Great vid. Just a question. As far as outdoor plants go.. I've got some doors that are teetering around the start of flowering. I have lots of hairs but no real signs of buds forming yet. Am I too late to trim the bottom stuff off? Im not too worried as it is and dont wanna stress to the point where I am possibly risking going "Herman". Thanks man.

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