Intro to Weed Growing Crash Course: Everything you need to know BEFORE you start your Grow

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  1. your lying, you COULD do detailed grow reviews, look at mr.canuck hengets millions of hits, your just to cheap and dont wanna be demonitized, well, with your channels new content ur gonna lose about half your viewers, so whats worse half ur viewers or demonitized. greedy fuck

  2. Wait! I am a sub of yours.What terms of service did they say you violated? Did you do something really stupid? It's funny that none of the others I subscribe to have had their channel shut down for giving tutorials on growing cannabis. Now you want people to pay YOU $15 a month for your grow tutorials? Why not just go sub to "The Grow Boss" and buy one of his books for $10-$20 and call it a day? I've been growing for 8 years and haven't had to pay $15 a month so far. I watched you because I liked your personality and you are a like minded person. BUT, now the arrogance and audacity to implicate that you can no longer make Youtube video tutorials on growing marijuana because of their policy is ludicrous. Nothing you are going to make a video about is worth the money. The information that you cover is wildly available in multiple forums and even Wikipedia. If you would have just asked people to support the channel, cool. Nope, you want to charge people $15 a month. Your lying about your channel and Youtube policy, now your trying to scam noob growers. Shame on you!

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