Medical Marijuana Patient & Activist, Angel Raich

May 3, 2008 – At 5th Cannabis Therapeutics Conference in Pacific Grove, California, Angel Raich talks about her life since the Supreme Court case that denied …

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  1. Cannabis saved me from a life of pharmaceutical drugs. I with stood 16 injury's from a 28 foot fall, nerve pain, chronic pain, depression , stress, anxiety a life of confusion on the medication prescribed by my doctors.
    September 13 2007 was the last day I took pharma I now take 4 forms of cannabis
    Offered by Green Cross Society Of B.C
    regulated cannabis;
    1. Cana-Caps 50ml THC 6ml CBD
    2. Tinctures 10ml THC 3ml CBD
    3. Baked cookies 100ml THC 10ml CBD
    4. Purple Kush 24ml THC 9mg CBD 3ml CBN

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