Migraine Podcast: Cannabis & Migraine Pain

Hello migraine pod-ience! In this podcast, we dig back into the archives in honor of the Migraine Research Foundation’s new $200000 grant for cannabis …


  1. I Am on Sumatriptan 50 mg. it usually works for me but gives me incredibly sore muscles. If I have a sore muscle already like plantar fasciitis that gets worse. Shoulder knots worsen. Anyone has any remedies for that or similar experience. Am trying CBD sub lingual since July. No luck so far. Nothing works apart from Sumatriptan.

  2. CBD-weed can be used to improve sleep, a 50:50 strain for example can work to stop an evolving attack and get back to sleep. CBD also works when it's necessary to focus hard and to stop unwanted side effects of thc-weed.

  3. Different brands of CBD work better than others for me. Green Rhodes 1500mg twice a day helps the most. For an active migraine, CBD along with MJ with both active ingredients helps me. You have to find the strain that works best for you. I've been on Aimovig for the past 6 months and that has been a game changer for me. I've gone from a minimum of 15 per month while ON Botox and Occipital Nerve blocks. On Aimovig over the past 6 months I've had a total of 5 mild and short lived migraines. MJ helps with nausea and visual disturbances. It also helps me sleep and reduces or eliminates the stress involved. Even with Aimovig, I get what I consider silent migraines. All of the light sensitivity, nausea, etc., without or with minimal head pain. As far as CBD/THC effectiveness, I think it's a matter of the right dosage, brand and strain that works best for you.

  4. Interesting podcast, thanks for doing it. I have some experience here. I get migraines (6's) about 4-8 times per month. I live in Colorado. I've experimented and here's what I've found: CBD does nothing for my headaches. I've tried from 10 mg, to 60 mg dosages. None make any impact at all. I've used the sub-lingual (under tongue tabs), and oils. I've given up on them. THC is a different thing. In my trials, I found that at about 25 mg of THC (gummies), my 6's go down to 2's, but more importantly, the "high" I get sort of "drowns out" the headache and the headache becomes very tolerable, frankly because the tingling in the body, and the relaxing in the mind is pretty profound on the THC. Normally, my headaches are late afternoon/evening so I generally use the THC, then go to bed. The problem is that when I wake up (to go to the bathroom) about 4 or 5 hours later, I'm not high anymore, but the headache is still there. So in my words, I find that the THC "masks" the headache, but it doesn't eliminate it. Thus I don't consider this to be a "solution".
    A further complication: there are two kinds of THC: Sativa (for social occasions, being around people, being active, mental trip, etc.), and Indica (puts you to sleep, a body high, think "in da couch"). I've only tried Indica. Perhaps the Sativa would actually knock out the headache instead of just masking it. I am planning to try Sativa edibles.
    Another complication: from talking to the folks selling at the dispensaries, there is a MAJOR difference between the edibles and the smoke-ables. The difference is not just in the time to effectiveness; but in the quality and intensity of the high (and thus, maybe, the pain-killing potential). I'm trying to muster the courage to experiment with treating a migraine with a smoke-able Sativa.

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