My Favorite Led Grow Light For Grow Legal Cannabis – 3 Years Of Testing LED lights

This video was made for documentary purposes for showing my life as a legal cannabis patient and is for legal adults 19+. We are legal ACMPR cannabis …


  1. I dont see the need to control the spectrum.

    Yes you can dim the red…. but its not like a plant in veg wont see and use red light… why would you want to lessen the amount of light being send down?

    The truth about spectrum is that it does matter… and that the plant needs some of this and some of that… and the lights should have the certain spectrums…
    Its not like customization is really needed once a light already has the desired spectrums.

    Customizing the spectrum will only be useful if the power is being send somewhere else… but when you turn off red its not like white/blue is gonna be brighter.

    I am blazed so kind of hard to explain.

  2. I've got to say that the Optic 6 is still my favorite but I can see why the Optic 8+ would be a workhorse for not only the commercial Growers but home growers a like, if I could afford one I know I'd have it in my garden now, but yeah I can see why this would be your favorite LED grow light for sure, thanks for the update, peace and respect brother!!! #TrueGrowerzLove

  3. I completely agree, I have purchased three of these already, I normally get between 1.75lbs-2lbs per optic 8. It’s one of the best LEDs I’ve ever had. That and the electric sky 300. Theyve been the most highest producing with very frosty large buds!

  4. Hey bro I think u should put this light up against the hlg550 redspec not to mention the price range on optic is crazy. But I have seen lots of people having problems with the the light flashing on an off have u seen any problems with the optic 6 u had ran it to right Quantum boards are the future my opinion my 288 kit kills the optic 4 in side by side grows with same clones feeds an all just different light I am curious to what u think about the hole overall an have u tested any hlg lights?

  5. 🆔️🔞&👍it comes down to price. Cheaper lights can do just as well..this is why marshydro is on top.they bring a cheaper product that brings results.i noticed no price was mentioned, when I clicked on to link it didnt even show this light.i feel like I am back in 2005 when leds cost to much.

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