SNDL ACQUISITION NEWS! – New Shelf Offerings! – (Sundial Growers Stock Analysis)

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  1. harvest time may vary, if they get a good system down, but its outdoor weed so expect harvest around oct or a bit sooner..!! oh and 1 bug or 1 type of mold can ruin the whole operation lol………….. its outdooor weed again the risk of this is grate as opposed to indoor weed

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  3. I have 10k shares, almost sold when it was up, got greedy for more and it tanked. I'll hodl it til I die, they go out of business or I make money lol. 💎👐

  4. Dems aren't going to legalize it lol, they run on it they don't act on it. We need some libertarian type politicians. Or it'll drag out yrs. Why do ppl believe any of them. ALL TALK. After an election they just have circle jerks w/their buds

  5. Hey friend. Nice video. Ya know, I’ve been a clinical psychologist and neuropsychologist for years, and for the life of me, I can’t understand the paradoxical thinking and actions that investors engage in. They sell off for reasons that have nothing to do with specific sectors, almost choosing a losing strategy. I think I’ll die in 40/50 years and never be able to figure these people out. Maybe I should apply for a research grant and do a full behavioral research study on

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