Teen left brain-damaged and blind after smoking synthetic marijuana she bought in a gas station!

A teenage girl has narrowly avoided death after smoking ‘synthetic marijuana’ that she bought from a gas station and suffering a series of strokes.


  1. I'm 18, I smoke weed like 3 times a month mostly in small amounts (0,3 grams). This is not harmful. I did wait till I was 18 because they told me my brain was still in development so I listend.

    I'll never do hard drugs, never. It's stupid that they call Marijuana a gateway drug…

    This synthetic marijuana is worse than Heroin, it's a shame that they sell this kind of stuff.

  2. I know this girl. She lives about 20 minutes from me. This story is true. She is doing alot better now though. Not completely. She still learning to walk, and still having trouble remembering. You can follow her on Facebook.

  3. I had a seizure and a worse trip than ive ever had on any drug including bad acid trips.

    Litterally felt like the world was in a blender with me. All I heard was screams im surprised im not brain damaged I couldnt remember who I was after and My back still kills like a bitch from whatever weird movements I was doing 6 months later. Worst shit of my life stick to real weed.

  4. Not sure what charges they can bring against the guy in the gas station who sold it to her though. The whole point of synthetic drugs is that they aren't technically illegal because the chemical mixture in them hasn't yet been banned. It takes a while for the authorities to discover a new synthetic drug and it then takes more time to legislate against it. This is the legal loop whole and the entire point of making them. We have the same issue here in the UK

    It's not attempted murder because he probably wasn't aware of the dangers himself and had just purchased the stuff from a supplier. Even if her were, you can't prove it. The girl purchased and smoked it of her own free will. If anything, they could try going after the producers and do them for something relating to poisoning. The same kind of charge that would be brought against a supplier of illegal Vodka which can be toxic for example

  5. Why would you want to take any synthetic drug over the real thing? You're putting your trust into some unlicensed bellend who at best, doesn't have a clue what he is doing and is only interested in making money. I've done my fair share of drugs so I'm not going to preach and the reality is that kids are going to experiment not matter how much one tries to warn them of the dangers but If you're going to do any drug…do the real thing, know your dealer and understand that it's all about peaking. Every drug (especially the harder drugs) have a peak. With coke it's usually after about 1g. When you hit that point, you're not going to get any higher and that's when you stop.

  6. Why the hell do they put pot in this name for, this is nothing like pot and has nothing to do with it !!!!!!!!! You can not die from pot or from withdrawals but you can from this spice crap AND THE LEGAL DRUG ALCOHOL !! Which kills more people each year then any illegal drug ,!! How sick is that, you get high from alcohol and kids use this drug first not pot cause its easy to get and legal . Alcohol is the worst drug there is and yet nothing is done about this. Very sad but cause all higher ups use this legal drug alcohol.


  8. from the makers of the $3,000 marijuana drug test ,that can tell if you took 1 hit of pot in the last 4 months,      SPICE.and now undetectable BATH SALTS. GOOD THING POT IS ILLEGAL IMAGINE WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED TO HER IF SHE HAD SMOKED A LITTLE WEED INSTEAD… 

  9. Why are y'all stupid enough to smoke fake shit cause your fake druggies that's why. If you're gonna do drugs do the shit we that we already know about and we know what's gonna happen to you.

  10. Why are y'all stupid enough to smoke fake shit cause your fake druggies that's why. If you're gonna do drugs do the shit we that we already know about and we know what's gonna happen to you.

  11. I'm 15 been smoking potpourri for around a year now only 1 blend kornakopia it's only sold at a local smoke shop here an it's got every1 adicted me, tons of my friends my friends mom an dad even smoke this shit it has all th hobos an tweaker a downtown hooked on it idk wat to do lastly 4 th last 3-4 months I've bought a 1g Baggie every day an I just don't know wat to do I've tried to stop like 3 times an every time I do ill quit for a day an start getting supper bad stomach pains an cravings

  12. she did wake up and want some legal but what happened too her wasnt because of this synthetic it was from all the coke bars exos mdma she was mixing it with weed and synthetic
    abilify tyrazadone i was her next door neibor

  13. guess why people buy synthetic cannabinoids? that's why weed is illegal ironic isn't it? anyways I've smoked noids for like 1-2 months everyday multiple times a day and nothing ever happened to me, sure there have been times when I smoked too much (it's hard sometimes to eyeball the right dose of powder to smoke) but never had any real problem

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