The Economics of Cannabis Legalization – Show-Me Cannabis Podcast

In this episode of the podcast, Executive Director John Payne answers questions about the economics of cannabis legalization. Regulating it like alcohol could …


  1. Its kind of funny that SMC is doing something on economic benefits when their bill only allows for big biz to rake in the profits. This is For the People of the state of Missouri that want Legalization to happen. Stand up and get your voice heard now till the end of january 2015. Please let the state  know what you think. There is a 1000 character limit.
     Here is my responce to the MISSOURI RESTORATION AND PROTECTION ACT Petition 2016-013 I ran out of room saying all the good things about this petition.
    This bill is great. It is a bill that will end a good part of the war on our people. We need to face it Cannabis is non toxic so I can understand not having an age limit. It also has no plant limit. The benefits of this is that cbd oils come down in price a lot. Right now in CO if you get on special short list your lucky to get a month supply of cbd oil for 100.00. Then other people are having to pay 1000.00 a month for cbd oil. And both have an insane waiting list. Plus you will completely eliminate the cannabis black market with this bill. This also allows small time farmers to make a decent living selling product to medical places. This will boost the economy here in MO a lot. This plant should truly be taxed just like any other crop, just like peanuts. Did you know peanuts kill 100 people a year and cannabis doesn't kill anyone? We don't put any limits on having peanuts in our possession. So it should be the same for cannabis. Please do what is good for MO and approve this.
    To learn more about Missouri Cannabis Reform.  Please join.
     Here is my respsonse to the petition 2016-009 that SMC (Show Me Cannabis) has submitted.
    This petition is an insult to MO and the cannabis community. 1. It gives money to cops and cops are at an all time low in history. Cops don't even obey the Sunshine laws here in MO. Cops can go through the normal channels for their budgets. Besides cannabis is about healing and joining people so to give any one extra is just crazy and a lot of us feel this way. Any money gained from cannabis should be put towards programs that everyone uses. Like the horrible school system we have in Missouri or Rehab or further research into more uses for cannabis.
    2.This law would just allow to harass cannabis users in another way through DUI. Which just continues this war that we are in. We need to end this war on the American people and this bill just moves the war to a new front instead of ending it.
    3.Its too long and in that lawyer lingo, people don't like signing stuff they do not understand.
    I could give you a few more why not approve this, but running out of space. Please do not approve
    Ok even SMC say that the kc bill is ideal. We can all agree on this. But SMC seems to think Missourians are not smart enough to recognize an ideal bill. I will have to admit i used to think thier way too.  But then i decided to go to some of these small towns and actually talk with local folk and they surprised the hell out of me. I could have never been so wrong in my life. These people despite a horrible education system, are very reasonable people if you just educate them. Its not that we are not smart here in Missouri we are just unedcated. You give the missourians the correct information we can make a logical educated choise.
    So i guess SMC is just betting on that the Missourians are not smart enough. They want to shove the same ol bull crud down our throats. Its time we stop bs laws that favor 1 group over another. Who is to say cops deserve more money for pensions over the farmer that works to the bone to provide us with the very life blood we all need to live on?
    We have 2 years to educate the people of Missouri and pass  a bill thats good for the people MISSOURI RESTORATION AND PROTECTION ACT instead of bad bill like the Show-Me Cannabi bill.
    If you would like to learn more about both bills please join Missouri Cannabis Reform.

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